Jul 20, 2017

Version 1.7 for Android

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of Japanese 1.7 for Android. This update brings the Android version of Japanese closer to the iOS version and is free for all users.

The main changes can be found in the reference section. JLPT lists (N5 - N1) have been added, meaning that you can study the words you need for those taxing proficiency tests.

We’ve also added words by parts of speech and by classification, alongside a list of kanji that can be found in each level of the notorious Kanji Kentei and classifications of kanji by school year.

For those needed to refresh or relearn their kana, we’ve added a kana library, allowing you to quickly and easily check basic kana before moving on to kanji.

We’ve also made several minor bug fixes and changes under the hood that should speed up the running of the app.