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Japanese takes first prize for design, with a beautiful, clear interface. It understands how a user thinks: on opening, it presents you with a search bar to immediately type in, but also a handwriting, kanji component and SKIP search option, all on the same page.
This app really great dictionary for your phone: breaks-up words for pronunciation, explores conjugations and is very soft on people coming to the language for the first time. If you’re getting serious about learning the language, this will be a potent tool in your arsenal.
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I've found the ease of searching and ability to create personalized Japanese word lists invaluable on my trips around Japan when I'm either stuck for the right word, or curious to find out meaning of one I've seen or heard. The kanji information and stroke order diagrams are a serious kanji learner's best friend.


The all-in-one Japanese App

Look up vocabulary, save them in lists and study! You can also use pre-defined vocabulary lists for JLPT or popular topics.

Japanese is one of the best dictionaries with a host of great additional features, such as study lists, a kanji dictionary, grammar references, and a flash card system built right into the dictionary.